Tuesday, November 24, 2009

During Ape-ril Showers

This will make you ‘Go bananas’!

Strangely enough, one fine morning, in my hostel, when my room mate and I were snoring peacefully in our separate *sigh* beds, I felt something tickling down my cheeks that made me giggle and when I looked up,


A shiver ran down my spine and I SHOUTED at the top of my voice!!!!!
Two monkeys or should I say, little monsters in disguise. They were happily peeling off the bananas lying at my table and digging their big fingers deep into the tunnels of their nose.

My neighbours gathered, but those nincompoops didn’t have the courage to bring a wand and shoo the monkeys away!!

Then I thought, to catch the chimp-ions, I have to act like a nut.

“What do you say to an out-of-bounds monkey??”

Stop monkey-ing around?????
Nahh… nothing really. You run!!

So I ran. And so did all the girls in my hostel wing, out of their beds, fully clad or semi-clad. Because all said and done, when it comes to ‘gorilla’ wars, you just run for your lives.

In the sultry afternoons, when you hear someone knocking at your door.
“Who is this?”
---No response—

Annoyed, you get up to open the door and to your utter shock and bewilderment, baboon-apart you are greeted by a monkey grin;-D...so you remain grounded to the confines of your room (restrained even from the nature’s call) while the sleepy simian takes its afternoon nap at your door.

Okay, a damsel in my wing, goes for an early morning shower, comes out wrapped in a towel, humming her favourite tune, then suddenly, screams when she finds her favourite monkey staring at her and throwing bad glances.
The monkey comes closer; she becomes stiffer and then suddenly snatches her towel and runs away..!!!!!!!!!
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