Monday, June 21, 2010

My Heart TECHNO-buffs for you!

The new technology is hard to master
but losing you will be real disaster
Please come back dear Neetu
I cry my heart out for all I did to you

My heart melts with emotions dear
like on a heated CPU would liquefy butter
I'll never be a technology buff
since i have you, I have enough.
Please come back dear Neetu
My heart technobuffs only for you

I've searched through the recycle bin
and files of every kind
I've even used the internet,
but not you did i find.

I promise to upgrade myself to your hero,
from boyfriend 1.0 to husband 1.0.
Husband 1.0 will then spawn Child Processors
which will consume valuable resources
but never mind, Neetu my princess!!

PubNight 2.4, GirlsNight 3.5, CocktailNight 7.11
will be replaced by Romance 24*7
I'll install undesired Plug-ins
like Mother-in-law 5.8 and Brother-in-law Beta release
I promise that system performance won't diminish.

I'll install "shopping, wash clothes, etc." button
Also cook "Chinese, Thai, tandoor and mutton"
I'll never popup annoying messages
don't you worry, Neetu dearest.

I promise you complaints will be none,
when I'll install Lover 1.1.
Then you won't leave me ever
and not log out for another user.

A 4x CD is not so great
But my love for you is up to date
I dream for you in 256 pallette.

With high resolution and graphics
in my 160 GB hard disk,
Dear Neetu, I have only your pics.
An all DOS system is way behind
but my love for you is the modern kind.

Hey guys, if inside your "inbox"
My Neetu you should see,
Please "copy", "scan" and "paste" her
and send her back to me!
Till then I'll sleep on cloud seven,
and log on to www.dreams.heaven

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beware of such Scumbags!

I hate to recollect an incident that made me feel inferior, if not devastated.

My 21st birthday! Last birthday in college. I was happy as usual. I was the regular Ninja that day. Somebody had promised me a birthday party. Less did I know that the party was planned so that he could solicit the company of one of my ‘hot’ looking friends. But when she refused presence, the plan was cancelled.

What made it worse was, that jerk even called me up the very same evening and made me aware of the fact that I had been an epitome of stupidity to not comprehend his mean intentions. "It was the other girl, eh!"

The guy- (below), I hope god slaps you tight on your face and makes you realize what a lame SCUMBAG you are.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes one should just wait and watch….

I did not want to pen this post. Atleast NOT now. It is like perturbing the mother hen in her comfortable nest before her little ones are hatched properly. It is gross. But perhaps the urge to set ablaze the gunpowder that has accumulated for three months is more domineering than the warmth of the sneaky ordeal. The inner turmoil is overpowering and the clenched fist is no longer able to contain the sand. So I let it go ..

It all started on 14th March’10, when I gave my papers. A brilliant streak of light had completely blinded me by showing hopes of the future. Something told me, I had a bigger gold mine to dig. So I should move on.

‘Market Research’ had intrigued me no ends. The job was giving me everything – security, comfort, money and the goodies of life. Perhaps, happiness also. But deep inside I was aware that the happiness was ephemeral. I wanted to unleash the real ‘ME’ and follow my heart’s call.

Maybe, I could have just stuck onto the comfort zone. Worked day in and day out doing market research. After ten years, I could have been a research analyst or maybe a consultant. After forty years, I would have retired saying “I perhaps did what I believed in”. And after fifty years, I would have ended my life saying “I wish I had exercised faith in my abilities in the beginning of my career”.

“I know I can do it, because the dreams are mine to weave, it is just to do my best, just to know that I believe” (Courtesy Magboard! :-))

I left my past for a more promising future, packed my bags in the pursuit of happiness and to dig the bigger gold mine – The world of media.
The path isn’t as rosy as it seemed to me at first. It istrewn with thorns. But then, who said it is going to be easy. I only know that I am taking my heart’s call, so everything seems just fine.

There are a lot of challenges to surmount and a fusillade of questions coming from my family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances (and some unwanted people). Lots of failures, disheartenment and loss of hope. I got to know more of the world and the wicked ways in it. But for one thing, I never felt singled out. My family was always a sigh of relief. There were times when, being conspired by circumstances, my determination started to vacillate. I knew there were my family and friends who helped me move a step further towards my goal, by boosting my morale.

I still haven’t overcome all fears. It is like a daily struggle. But hey, do you know what the new Nokia Inc commercial says? – “Fortune favours the bold” :-P

However, this is a long term investment. Whether my decision was right or was I just foolishly bold, I won’t comment. No comment until something fruitful works out. This is the worst phase, when you have exhausted all the possibilities and have nothing precise to do. A phase of Wait and Watch!
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