Friday, May 14, 2010

Cool Commercial – Doobo Taazgi mein !

After a really long time, an ad grabbed my attention and stayed etched in my mind - The Limca commercial starring Rishita Bhatt.
I do not mind this ad interlude my favourite TV shows, movies or World Cup. I can watch it over and over again, and still never have enough of it.
Wonder what keeps me messmerized. A couple of things maybe - Heart rendering song, cute star cast, refreshing splashes of water along with the punch of lime; and together they create a rejuvenating magic.
Ummm... I still can't stop humming the song... :-)
Yeh nok jhok Sharaaratein hai
Phuhaaron ki yeh, saazishen hai
Thandi aahein aur nigahein
Phir se apni bana lo na.

Soyi soyi khwahisho ko
Aaj phir se jaga lo na.

Taaza taaza rishto ki yeh
taaza taaza ibaaratein hain.
Shabnamon ki taazgi mein,
Khwabon ko tum duba lo na.
Khatti meethi in lamho se,
mastiyo ko bacha lo na.

Yeh nok jhok, sharaaratein hain.....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Smoking Hawwwttt!! ;-)

It was brought and kept in front of me. Something classic. Something which promised tremendous relief. Like a panacea for all ills. Like an elixir for life.

I was absorbed in the thoughts of its true splendid beauty, to the depth of the crevices of my mind. Sparks of brilliance blew out from the top in flashes, some died out without any consequence, and some had the virulence to live forever. Black pieces of coal with shades of faded grey, which were hot enough to burn a secret desire in you. Pieces of ash alongside which had a story to tell if gifted with a tongue.

As I gradually looked downwards, the curves and planes came in regular succession, ultimately followed by a steel plate that cut the entire body into two halves.

A visual treat as I looked further below. Boiling water which supported a gaseous explosion of clouds which was turbulently fired in the spherical green glass bottle. Thick black smoke. Like the clouds that would engulf me and release me from the sorrows of life. Like the clouds which expressed a pause that was more dynamic than motion.

The bubbles seemed to rise from the abyss to the surface of the water to meet the thick black smoke. Gaining volume and momentum as they moved up. Making sounds like a fish would release that extra oxygen which it had swallowed by mistake.

The green spherical bottle reached its end. A thick green transparent flat surface. Standing against the motionless ground. Supporting the most classic beauty that bubbled away in the deserts of time.

A pipe emerged from somewhere in the middle. From which the smoke threatened to leap out. From which the bubbles snarled beyond the narrow confines of the bottle. The pipe promised an awesome beauty. The beauty of appreciation of good company. The beauty that would bathe me in the freshwaters of oasis of hope. The beauty that would rule my soul and make me a martyr to a lost cause.

So, who says Hookah is bad for health? ;)

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